Survival Guide: What You Need to Survive a Disaster

This page was last updated on Sunday 23rd of July 2017
Survival guide
Survival preparedness is important, because you never know when a disaster may happen. In a world where terrorist attacks are increasing and society is on the brink of collapse, it is up to you to be prepared. In this survival guide, you will find the essentials that you will need to survive in the event that something does happen.

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Here at Survival Companion.Com, we strive to make available any and all updated information that you and your family can use to Survive any type of Catastrophic disaster. Including but not limited to:

  • Hurricanes/Tornadoes
  • Floods
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Nuclear Explosions
  • and more..

You can find links to all our posts in the right column. We will be adding information and survival techniques on a regular basis so please check in from time to time as you need.

For Example, If you need to find out how to build a shelter for you and your family should you have to evacuate your home, have a look at our post about Finding Shelter and Wood in the Wilderness  

For how to use First Aid we have 3 Posts that cover everything you need to know:

How to Use CPR

Managing Infections

and Dressing Wounds

Want to know what a Survival Bag is and what to stock it with? Go to our post Survival Bag Here

There are many more posts with important topics you need to know about in order to survive an Emergency Crisis and we add new ones regularly

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John David Keys
Founder of Survival


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